Bar restaurant

If we believe that love comes from the heart but passes from the stomach, it is certain that the same happens with your accommodation at our lodge, if it results in a complete experience. At Pambelos Lodge we have created a tasteful environment, where you can relax while you dine on imaginative dishes made from the best Greek products. The bar area is available to our guests throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy a salad or snack accompanied by a refreshing drink.

Our choices whether they pertain to our food or to our rooms, are dictated by quality and tradition. We select, especially for you, the purest local ingredients, with which we create traditional Greek dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Our approach towards beverages is, of course, just as dedicated. The beers we offer are brewed in Greek microbreweries, a category which has gained ground and popularity the last few years. Our wine list consists of a representative sample of the influence of Greek vineyards, giving you the opportunity to taste wine from some of the most distinguished and important vineyards in Greece. Alternately, you could enjoy a cocktail made with one of the many premium labels from our fully stocked bar. One thing is sure: whatever you choose, you will have a taste of… Greece at its best!

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